Cedar roof

Cedar Roof Services in Drexel Hill

Over the last decade, the cedar roof has reclaimed its place in the home-building industry. The benefits of cedar roofing are many and well worth exploring. Cedar is a durable wood that will not rot within its lifetime, which means you can count on your roof to keep you dry even when it's at its most extreme.

Eco-Friendly Option

Cedar also has a reputation for being one of the most eco-friendly woods around, meaning it can be responsibly sourced from forests with strict protectionist policies in place. It's also an approved material by several wood preservation agencies and is pest resistant.

Easy Installation

The best part about cedar is that it's fairly simple to install. The amount of cedar used in the construction industry has actually increased over recent years, making your cedar roof project easier to handle than it's ever been.

Easy to Maintain

Cedar is also fairly easy to work with if you don't want to stain or paint it. It's extremely durable, and it will even stand up against fire and firewood, ensuring that your roof will be able to withstand the elements for years on end.

Hire Dreroof and Siding Experts in Drexel Hill for Cedar Roof Services

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